What my Thursday looked like on Monday
What my Thursday looked like on Monday

I’ve decided to post new things on Thursday, because Thursday is the most ambitiously lazy day there is. It’s too late in the week to get anything meaningful done, and too early to start screwing off like it’s Friday.

So, new stuff on Thursday. Unless I forget, or the dog has another seizure (which happened last week, and wasn’t that fun?), or a butterfly goes by and I get distracted, or some new model railroad thing I ordered arrives in the mail and I have to spend half a day staring at it and maybe moving it around the desk while making soft train noises when I am sure no one but the dog is watching.

Now, one might expect there to be a lot of visitors to the site on Thursday, what with people clamoring for new content. I have to be honest, I’d be a bit disappointed if that happened. If I’m going to inspire the world to be ambitiously lazy — and do you think I started this blog with any other goal in mind? Er, wait, you probably do, since I wrote that thing about Mark telling me I could make a million dollars as a blogger — then I would expect a nice even distribution of traffic, as people who intend to look at the site first thing Thursday morning don’t seem to get  around to it until Friday, or perhaps Sunday, or maybe Tuesday afternoon. Or even next Thursday. Yeah, that’s it. Next Thursday.

Of course, all of this implies that I am monitoring the site’s traffic, which I honestly would probably consider doing if I knew how. I used to know where the traffic thing is, but now it seems to have moved and, like most of what I own, I can’t recall where I saw it last. This is usually the point at which I accuse my wife Robin of putting it somewhere, although I never do that out loud, because it makes her really, really mad.

You’ve probably noticed that I’m posting this on a Monday. I was going to post it Thursday, but… er… well, something must have happened, but I can’t seem to remember exactly what it was.

So, anyway. Thursday posts. Probably.

That is all.

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