About the Ambitiously Lazy Guy.

Aaron Gold is a senior staff writer and (sometimes) video presenter forĀ MotorTrend. A native of New York, he now lives in Los Angeles, California. He has a wonderful wife, two fantastic kids, and what sometimes seems like a revolving door of pets, which now includes a dog, his aunt’s dog, a foster dog that’s probably never going to find a home, the foster dog’s littermate who is around so often it feels like joint custody, two guinea pigs, and a couple of mules by marriage. He also has several worthless cars, although the prospects are looking good for the Suburban. When he’s not writing time-wasting essays for this blog, he also enjoys model trains and film photography. He also dabbles with old computers, but rarely enjoys them. PS, he’s nowhere near as thin as he looks in the above photo, but maybe someday.

BeforeĀ MotorTrend, Aaron was on staff at Automobile Magazine, and before that he was a freelancer with bylines all over the place, including Autobytel, Edmunds, Consumer Reports, Auto Trader, Diesel World, Street Trucks, and Auto Express (which is British but still counts). Before that, he was an ad copywriter and an IT support guy.

Though he primarily writes about cars, he’s up for anything — remember that, Hollywood! You can contact him at aaron [at] ambitiouslylazyguy dot com.