Boy, that was a long week.

So, where were we? Oh yes, I remember: The dog was dying, so I took a week off. Turns out that week lasted three and a half years. Hey, these things happen.

Quick update: The dog died, or more specifically we had her euthanized when it was clear things were about to get very bad. It happened precisely one week later, just as the vet said. Would if they could be that precise in their cost estimates.

I don’t mean to be flip about this—I was ridiculously sad. I was actually away when Robin (my wife) took Bayla (our dog) in, and maybe that’s for the best, as I didn’t get the chance to traumatize a vet-full of people like I did when it was Barkley’s turn. And when I say the best, I mean for me (and probably for the other vet-goers). It sucked for Robin. And it wasn’t much better for the dog.

There’s another dog now, a Boxer-German Shepard mix, who we got as a little tiny puppy. She is now a horrendously big puppy and an absolutely marvelous dog. There’s also a twelve-pound toy poodle  who has turned us into something we thought we’d never be: Slave to one of those little shit dogs. We love him, though all evidence points strongly to the notion that he’s a four-legged asshole. I’ll talk more about him on another day.

Lots more has happened: I got a job with a major car magazine, finally fulfilling an almost-life-long dream of getting my byline in print. Said major car magazine is now a major car web site, but as I’m writing from the depths of the COVID-19 disaster, I am happy just to be employed.

I finally got to go to Italy. Crap Italy, but Italy nonetheless.

I took up film photography again, and in my obsessive-compulsive-bordering-on-hoarder way, have acquired about a zillion cameras and started posting picks on Flickr.

And my life still seems strange to me, strange and wonderful, and I’m inclined to keep talking about it right here. So stay tuned, because what else have you got to do?

A pause in funny

No funny this week, I’m afraid.  We got the news that Bayla — she’s the sleepy pooch up at the top of these pages — has a tumor in her abdomen that is doing nasty things to her insides.  “You’ll know when it’s time,” the vet said, and that time will probably come within a week.

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The man on the train and my earphones, Part 2

The man on the train
The man on the train. Yes, I know, I’ve used this photo before, but I promise, this really is the man on the train.

Last week I set out to tell you about the man on the train, but I got distracted by that whole episode with my headphones. I’d tell you how that turned out, but I’m still too annoyed to talk about it.

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What my Thursday looked like on Monday
What my Thursday looked like on Monday

I’ve decided to post new things on Thursday, because Thursday is the most ambitiously lazy day there is. It’s too late in the week to get anything meaningful done, and too early to start screwing off like it’s Friday.

So, new stuff on Thursday. Unless I forget, or the dog has another seizure (which happened last week, and wasn’t that fun?), or a butterfly goes by and I get distracted, or some new model railroad thing I ordered arrives in the mail and I have to spend half a day staring at it and maybe moving it around the desk while making soft train noises when I am sure no one but the dog is watching. Continue reading “Thursday”