MotorTrend Says Yes To Teh Funny

The Z06 carrying an early-20th-century snow shovel. Oh, the things I do for art.

Note from Aaron: Yeah, yeah, this site is not supposed to be car-related… but recently my employer, MotorTrend, let me get away with this wonderful and silly article involving a 670 hp Corvette Z06 and a ridiculous scavenger hunt. I’m happy with how it came out, not least of all because this New York boy still marvels that he lives in Los Angeles and gets to do cool stuff in and around Hollywood.

Oh, teh “teh” thing will be funny to about four of my friends (Jeff, Steve, Jonsey and ‘Vark). To everyone else: Sorry.

It started as yet another skirmish in MotorTrend‘s ongoing Detroit-versus-Los Angeles interoffice rivalry. Editorial chief Erik Johnson and I were down to the usual below-the-belt tropes—Los Angeles offers nothing but traffic and plastic surgery, Detroit is made of snow and despair—when I, the idiot-genius, blurted out, “What do you have in Detroit that we don’t have in L.A.?

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